Ok, I have been some time thinking about setting my personal website. I didn't decide to do it because I have been a web designer and I know how much of a hassle it is to keep a site tidy and up to date. But then I discovered wikidot, I tried it, and it was so nice that I decided to start my web page using it.

This is new for me, I will welcome your suggestions for improving the site.

OK thats enough, let's get going!. What am I going to talk about here?, I intend on talking mostly on hobby machining and electronics, my two technical hobbies.

Right now I'm building a Worden Mk3 Tool&Cutter Grinder. It's being a very interesting project, and I am gaining confidence and learning new machining skills.

In order to make the Worden, I have had to make some tools I did not yet have, one of them is a Faceplate which I have machined from a weight-lifting plate, I cannot remember the site where I saw this idea so credit goes to the web. These plates are made of cast iron, I believe it's not the best machining quality, but it fairly easy to machine up to now.

Another of these items, and one I am particularly surprised with are a couple of Toolmaker's clamps. I had seen these many times before, but I couldn't imagine they would be so useful and easy to make. Unfortunately, I was in a rush, so they're a bit crappy… I'll have to make a good pair another day.

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