About Me


What about Me?, I'm a 28 year old spaniard guy as of Aug'08. Who knows what I might be next year?

I live in a 70 square meter apartment in the outskirts of Madrid with my Girlfriend and my two dogs, Otto and Panda, two lovely labradors that make me laugh sometimes and cry when they eat my calculator or my sunglasses… sometimes they make me even laugh and cry at the same time, like when Otto ate the Iberic Serrano Ham that my company had given me for Christmas.

My Profession

I studied Electronic Engineering and am lucky or un-lucky enough to work as a Hardware Design Engineer. I graduated in 2003, I spent one whole year finding an electronics-related position, and finally in June'04 I found a job in which I am still working.

My Goals

I have tried a couple of times to move to the States, UK or other countries in Europe. But I haven't managed to achieve it. I wish I find in the future an opportunity that takes me abroad.

My Hobbies

So, how did I get interested in my hobbies? Electronics was the first one, it was when I was 16, I saw one of these hobby electronics magazines. I took a view inside, and I found all these projects and kits for radio transmitters, audio amplifiers, remote controls and home automation stuff. I was fascinated to see it was all so apparently simple. So I got so interested that I started to learn and eventually I studied my engineering degree.

My interest in mechanics started some years later. For my final year project in 2001 I designed an Autonomous Sumo Robot with my friend Bart. We had a really hard time with the mechanics, we talked with teachers from Mechanical Engineering, but they said that the university didn't allow them to touch a lathe! (I still don't believe it). Suddenly the word "Lathe" and "Milling machine"(actually "Torno" and "Fresadora" in spanish) started to appear in every conversation we had, "To do that you need a lathe…" "That would be simple to make if we had a milling machine…", etc…

I din't make it to put my hands on any of those machines neither were any of the parts of the robot machined with a lathe or a mill. I started to research how much money and space would it take me to set up a workshop with some of these machines. The cost was prohibitive for my student budget, and my parents would have thought that I was crazy if I just asked if I could buy a 90Kg lathe, so those machines had to wait for a better time.

In 2004, when I bought my current home, I found i had a spare room. I wanted to fit it as an electronics lab and I remembered that there were some postponed machines that I had a place for them now. I started surfing the web looking for info and I found fascinating pages (for someone that thought that the only method to make a metal part was casting) like Mini-lathe.com or Kenneth Maxon's site. I also found that near to where I live there was a machine tool store. I thought that it would be very industry-oriented and that they would think that I was crazy for wanting to buy a lathe for my home. But when I visited them, it happened that home machining is not such a rare hobby and they had some nice machines fitted to such a use. So I ended buying my actual lathe, a Quantum D210x400, it's a 8x15 lathe, identical to the Lathemaster. It's such a nice lathe!

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